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Miss Furr Goes to Washington: Part the First

I have neglected to update this blog because… well let’s see.I’ve been so busy running around on Capitol Hill that I can’t keep my head on straight.Dad drove with me to Reston, Virginia which is right outside Washington D.C. in early September, and here I am three months in and it is now only two weeks until I get to go home to my beloved Texas.It was so hard saying goodbye to my Dad after a week of him being here. He helped me settle in and checked out the grocery store situation for me while I was at the MRC settling in to my semester as a cub reporter for CNS News. We were both pretty emotional when he left, but I had to buck up and come back to my little Airbnb room without him there to greet me.My month in Scotland earlier this year really prepared me for this journey. The book Brooklyn says in perfect phrasing what I wanted to express but just couldn’t seem to about the plague of homesickness. It comes to you and you think you want to die, but then it moves on to someone else. J…