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I Really Do Love My Job

My Dad asked me last night if I had to work this morning. I told him yes, I did. Then I said "I never dread going to work." Dad said that is a good thing, and it made me consider my situation and why I like my job. Even though I only work part-time at the church and have for the past five years or so, I really do enjoy it. I am, for lack of a better word, a janitor. But honestly, my position has offered so many benefits. I don't ever feel stressed, rushed, or micromanaged by my supervisor, and I am happy doing what I'm asked. It isn't the most glamorous job in the world, but there are janitors our there who deal with worse than I ever have. Working hard and seeing the finished product every day after I am through is satisfying. There aren't many people out there who can say that they feel satisfied after ending a full day of work. I am happy for those who can! There are times when I am embarrassed to tell people when they ask what I do, but I need to let tha…

Walking Ranger and Scout

Before I left for my semester in Washington D.C., I was taking care of a friend's dog whose name is Ranger. He is half Basset Hound and half Australian Shepherd, which are two of the most animated and loyal breeds in the world. Like my Aussie Scout, Ranger is super smart and very athletic. He loves long walks and being close to his owner for cuddles. The Basset in him, from what I have experienced during our time together, makes him quite independent and strong-willed. He's not the kind of pup to mosey alongside you on a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. He wants to get smell everything and log some miles! Now that I am back in Fort Worth and watching him some during the week, today I took the long leash that I use for Scout so he can go ahead of me and sniff. By the time I catch up, he is ready to move on. Ranger absolutely LOVED that. He is a feisty little guy, but I could tell he very much enjoyed the freedom a long leash walk afforded. As we walked on the sidewa…