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Amy's The Dark Tower Movie Review: "I Kill with My Heart"

I went to see the movie The Dark Tower last night which was based on the Stephen King novels and was pleasantly surprised. If I am skeptical about a movie, I always read the reviews from Focus on the Family’s website, Plugged In Online. Their reviewers tell each and every part of the films being reviewed, so you’re never walking into a theater not knowing what you are about to see. If I feel weird about the content after reading one of their reviews, I just don’t go.I’ve never read a Stephen King novel, nor have I seen any of the film versions of his books, so this was a new experience for me. His book, On Writing, was excellent however.Critics didn’t have much good to say about it, but I am going to assume they’ve all read the series of books and are comparing the film to them. Obviously, it is pretty much impossible to fit an entire series into one movie, so their displeasure was inevitable. All I knew of the story was what I saw in the trailer.The idea of a gunslinger intrigued me …

Book Review: Steinbeck's The Moon is Down

I recently finished reading a book made up of only 8 chapters. Short? Yes, but man, what a read.John Steinbeck’s novel, The Moon is Down, centers around a small Norwegian town occupied by the Nazis during WWII. Although the novel never explicitly labels the occupiers as Nazis, the book was published in 1942, when things in Europe were pretty heated and Hitler was dominating anyone and everyone who didn’t bow to his twisted leadership.I learned from the introduction written by Donald V. Coers that Steinbeck wrote the book as a propaganda piece to help the war effort in America. His critics were unduly harsh towards the novel when it was published, even going so far as to question his patriotism and anti-fascist beliefs because they felt he was not hard enough on the Nazis.Steinbeck said of his critics, “The war came on and I wrote The Moon is Down as a kind of celebration of the durability of democracy. I couldn’t conceive that the book would be denounced. I had written of Germans as m…