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In the Company of Heroes: Serving WWII Veterans

Above is a photograph of sixty WWII veterans reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at a luncheon hosted by Birchman Baptist Church. When the kitchen staff was informed by a church member that the facilities where they had been conducting their meetings was closing due to unforeseen circumstances, they quickly offered their help. From now until November of 2017, the church will host a veteran luncheon on every last Friday of the month. As soon as word spread about the meeting, everyone was calling and asking how they could help. The kitchen staff decorated the entire gym and cooked a hearty meal in order to make these veterans feel loved and appreciated. It was an honor to host them, not to mention really fun to play big band music all day to help them reminisce. Although it rained and we thought the thunder would never stop, our American heroes made it to the luncheon we were so eagerly anticipating. I believe the youngest veteran who attended was eighty seven years young, the eldest bei…

Embracing Singleness: Five Things I Learned While Traveling Alone

Greetings, my faithful readers! Please forgive my absence, for I have been readjusting to life in Texas after traipsing around England and Scotland for an entire month. It was truly a privilege to be a part of a culture that is part of my heritage and in my blood. The rolling hills, lochs, and lovely people are even dearer to my heart now than when I set foot on that magical island almost ten years ago. You've all been so good to follow my journey, and I am grateful. The first step onto the airplane that would take me far away into unfamiliar surroundings was something I thought I'd never do. Let me be honest: I was scared half to death. But after I settled into my seat and took a few big breaths, I knew it was possible. In case you were wondering, my medications (more specifically my Humira pens), endured the eight hour flight and came out on the other side with flying colors. I had visions of them bursting inside my carry-on bag in the overhead bins, but the moment I landed…