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Mini Review of Os Guinness' Impossible People

A lot of people ask me: “How do you know that?” when I start one of my mini speeches about literature, philosophy, history, or current events. I can’t seem to stop myself sometimes because I have so much information to share and I want people to discover something about a subject as I have.I thrive on discovery. I love it when after some doing some digging, I find some tidbit of information that no one else knows or that hasn’t been unearthed in a long, long time.It gives me quite a thrill when I am curious about something and store it in the back of my mind and later pick up a book that offers some answers inside its pages. Connecting the dots is exciting, especially when I find a solid answer to a huge question about culture or any other issue.Reading is such an integral part of discovery. Books hold so much information, some of it trash and some of it treasure. You have to know how to differentiate between the two in order to not digest lies. This is also a very important part of d…