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Media Bias: A Capitol Hill Intern's Perspective

Since the mainstream media have been crying lately because Trump hurt their feelings by not calling on them during press briefings etc, I thought I would give you all my perspective on this since I just finished a semester as a small, insignificant intern reporter on Capitol Hill.I felt like a fly on the wall every time we’d go to a press briefing, like I was watching things happen that weren’t really happening, partly because I was so in awe of being on the Hill, during one of the most controversial Presidential elections in our nation’s history.Just to give you a taste of what it is like up there for an intern reporting for a (very cool) non-profit organization, I was not really high on the list to be called on by Paul Ryan. We were told that certain reporters had certain seats, so you weren’t to take their spot etc. I understand the turf thing, and I was just a lowly intern, but I thought it would be every man for himself at these briefings. Myself and my fellow intern arrived an h…