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Pull the Plug

I did something really important today.I signed out of my Twitter profile and took the app off my phone! So far, it feels good. Now I just need to do the same thing with my Facebook app.It really is amazing how much time we waste on there. I could be doing so many different things, like reading, talking to my parents and friends, etc.I really have begun to assess how much time I spend on social media. It should be a once a day check, but when I am bored at work or at home, I get on there and just get lost in all the posts. I think Instagram is best because all it is is pictures. I tend to not go down so many rabbit holes with that one.Writing is going well. I have begun to really flesh out the story I am working on, which is HUGE for me because I can't seem to sit down long enough to do it. Plus, I am scared of finishing it! I guess it is the fear of failure. I also fear producing something that is total and utter crap. But, if I don't write it, how will I ever know?I like to …

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