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Beauty and the Beast: My Movie Review

For almost a year now, I’ve been anticipating the release of the new Disney live-action Beauty and the Beast. Today I saw it with some friends who have been excited to see it.It was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the iridescent colors of the Be Our Guest scene. It was gorgeous and added to the beautiful animated 1991 version of the fairytale.I was pleasantly surprised with Emma Watson’s role as Belle. She has a young and innocent look, yet her character is strong and wise beyond her years.Watson said before signing on to the role of Belle that she was reluctant to play the role unless the character had more feminist qualities. At first I was disappointed that she had to say this, but after seeing the film I understand more about Belle’s role in this new version and the 1991 animated film.Belle has always been my favorite Disney “princess,” even though she isn’t really a princess at all. The only way she achieves this status is by marrying Adam, the prince. In the new version, the en…